Vol. 43, No. 48

December 5, 2017

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Taste of Central WV nets $12,000
for BCHS Band

Braxton County High School band hosted Taste of Central West Virginia on Saturday, December 1 at the Braxton Senior Center. This event was a wonderful evening in order to raise funds for “The Pride of Braxton County” in their efforts to purchase new uniforms.
Attendees received food samplings from The Red Rooster Cafe, The Thyme Bistro, Country Girl Catering, Phyllis Maher, Becky Conrad, and Amber Hyre. The evening also included Chinese, Silent, and Live Auctions, on a wide range of items. Live holiday music was provided throughout the evening by the BCHS Jazz Band.
A representative of Weyerhaeuser, Doug Cogar, was on hand to award $4,500 grant to the Band to go toward their goal of approximately $30,000. With this grant and all of the proceeds from ticket sales and the auctions, the band was able to collect over $12,000. They are currently $10,000 away from their goal.
One lucky ticket holder, Trevor Harper, received the $500 grand prize at the end of the night and various individual went home with some wonderful items from the live auction such as a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar donated by Kerr’s Music World, a Rhino Spray-In Bed Liner from Mid-State Chevy, and a trip to Disney World.

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Commission approves new paramedic
pay system

One of the first items considered by the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday was additional pay for the county’s paramedics. Dale Hall, EMS Director, said the county, like many in the state is suffering from a lack of qualified paramedics. He said the EMS Board had approved two measures affecting pay that they felt would improve the situation.
Hall requested that medics be paid a one-time fee if they took applicable medical runs when they were not otherwise scheduled to work. Those fees range from $95 to $160 depending on the destination of the patient. EMT would also be eligible for per-diem pay if they took runs outside their regular work schedule. They would receive between $76 and $126 per trip. Ambulance drivers, working under the same conditions would receive from $70 to $115.
Hall also requested that the Commission allow the Board to adopt a new pay scale based on experience. He proposed that medics starting pay rate be between $12.00 and $13.75 per hour depending on their experience. EMT pay rates would be $10.50 to $11.55 per hour while drivers would start at between $9.00 and $10.20 per hour.

Board to consider baseball program at
middle school

The Braxton County Board of Education held their most recent meeting on November 28. The meeting was called to order by Board President Jill Cooper and Vice President David Hoover provided a non-denominational opening prayer. Other board members present were Shane Brown, Van Carr and Bradley Shingler.
The first to speak to the board were parents Shannon Triplett and Flora Cox. Both individuals discussed the possibility of forming a middle school baseball team. Currently the boys in that age group have to travel out of county to play on other teams since Braxton County no longer has a Pony League. Superintendent David Dilly told the parents he would get the item placed on the agenda for the December 5 meeting. Board member Shingler stated he would support the formation of the team to provide those boys the opportunity to play baseball in county instead having to travel for the sport.
The next person to speak to the board was Teresa Childers, PreK Education Specialist, on behalf of the Head Start Program. She provided the board with a Policy Council Update and went over general information on the Head Start Program.


Traffic stop leads to multiple drug arrests

Mark Anthony Moyers, 34 of Wilsie is now facing numerous charges after fleeing from a traffic stop on November 25.
Sutton Police Department Chief A.L. James observed the suspect leaving the Rite Aid in Sutton. He attempted to initiate a traffic stop in order to question Moyers about another case in which he was a suspect.
According to the criminal complaint, Moyers attempted to flee as soon as Chief James turned on his lights and sirens. The suspect passed seven or eight vehicles at an extremely high rate of speed and continued down Route 4 toward Kroger. At that time, the officer watched him drive behind Rexroad’s and Family Furniture through a private yard, causing damage, and trapping himself behind the residence.


Karate classes coming to Gassaway

Local individuals interested in karate now have the opportunity to take lessons without leaving the county. Dale Thayer, an experienced karate teacher as well as the head and founder of the Denta Bushido Kai Association, will teach karate classes in what was the Gassaway Hardware building.
Thayer, who has classes in Clendenin and Sissonville, began learning karate when he was “around 30” and opened his first school, the one in Clendenin, 30 years ago. “Even when I was pretty young, I was interested in karate. I’d read about it and think I’d really like to learn karate, but there were no classes around here.. When I finally got the chance, I took it and I’ve been doing it ever since,” he explained.
Saying that the karate he teaches involves “about 50/50 use of the hands and feet,” he noted that this martial art does far more than teach self-defense. “It’s a different way of life,” he said. “Karate teaches responsibility, dedication, honesty, all those things which make us good citizens.”





Mountaineer Food Bank receives $50,000 Walmart grant

Mountaineer Food Bank recently announced a $50,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to fund the infrastructure that will ultimately help the food bank’s partner agencies secure and distribute more nutritious food to families in need. The grant will support investments in the equipment necessary to handle perishable products, such as refrigerated vehicles; coolers and freezers for transporting, storing and distributing food; thermometers and temperature calibration devices; among other items.
“One in 7 people struggle with hunger in West Virginia, including over 82,000 children,” said Chad Morrison, Executive Director of Mountaineer Food Bank. “We are thankful to the Walmart Foundation for helping to ensure that people who struggle with hunger have access to nutrient-rich food. This grant will go a long way in helping Mountaineer Food Bank and our partner agencies serve the Hungry in West Virginia.

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