Vol. 40, No. 38

September 23, 2014

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Commission hires
Executive Director for new Day Report Center

One of the first to appear before the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday, September 19 was Sheriff Eddie Williams. The Sheriff stated that the Day Report Center Board had interviewed a number of applicants for the position of executive director of the new facility. He went on to introduce Amber D. Humphrey of Little Birch as the unanimous selection of the DRC Board. Williams requested that the Commission hire Humphrey so that she could help get ready for the October 1 projected opening of the center.


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Area residents headed to jail after Court appearances

On September 4, Tina Florence Wolfenbarker, 39, appeared in Braxton County Circuit Court for sentencing in the matter of grand larceny. Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the state. Wolfenbarker’s counsel, David Karickhoff, moved to permit Wolfenbarker to have alternative sentencing. The state stood silent regarding the request pursuant to a plea agreement.
Judge Richard A. Facemire found that Wolfenbarker is in need of correctional treatment and denied the motion for alternative sentencing. The Court ordered that Wolfenbarker be imprisoned in the state penitentiary for not less than one year nor more than ten years. Judge Facemire futher ordered a fine of $1,000 shall be imposed in this matter. Wolfenbarker will be given credit for time served awaiting disposition in the matter, being 18 days at Central Regional Jail. She was remanded to the Commissioner of Corrections to be transferred to the Central Regional Jail where she shall remain pending transfer to the State Penitentiary.

BCHS’s Skidmore appointed State FBLA Parliamentarian

At the National Conference of Future Business Leaders of America in Nashville, Tennessee, students from Braxton County High School in attendance were informed that there were two West Virginia state officer vacancies. The State Chair, Debra Conrad, and State FBLA Adviser, Dianna Carpenter, encouraged students to apply when the school year resumed for the position of treasurer or parliamentarian. A scoring rubric was used to evaluate member applications and to determine the winner of the treasurer’s position.
The parliamentarian position required taking an exam; the student with the highest score on that exam would be appointed to office.























Infant left in car results in Sutton woman’s arrest

Area law enforcement responded immediately, when a Good Samaritan reported witnessed an infant unattended in a car in the Kroger parking lot between Gassaway and Sutton. Senior Trooper J. M Maynor was alerted to the complaint by Braxton Control at approximately 5:28 p.m. Friday, September 19. Upon Trooper Maynor’s arrival, Braxton County Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Johnson had already managed to remove the infant from the vehicle.























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