Vol. 44, No. 8

February 20, 2018

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Marjorie Teets Young: “My mother’s prayers
have followed me all my life... 101 years!”

In Part II of Marjorie’s story, a summary of: her schooling, Christmas time, shopping at the Strange Creek stores, and surviving the Depression was shared. The narrative continues as she begins her early adult life.
Marjorie: “Carl Young and I attended eight years of schooling together at Fairview. So, we actually began to know each other in first grade.
“Years later, we met at Don Hamric’s store located at Glendon. Carl and his dad were driving cattle from one location to another. They stopped by the store for a snack and something cool to drink.
“Our visit at the Hamric store, and little did I know, dressed in my pretty yellow dress, and Carl driving cattle, that we would later marry. Carl and I became husband and wife in 1936. Sixty years of marriage until his passing on December 25, 1996.
“Widen was our first home location. Carl worked at the coal tipple for about three years. In March of 1940 Carl and I moved to the farm. The farm was purchased from the Goad Company for the asking price of two thousand dollars. A payment plan of five hundred dollars a year, until the farm was paid for, was accepted.
“Little boys started joining the family as the siblings eventually grew in number to five boys: Rodney, Raban, Roland, Roby, and Ross. Thankful, all of my boys graduated from Gassaway High School. Completed their FFA projects here at the home place.
“In 1944, Carl was called to serve a tour in the Army when our fourth boy, Roby, was ten months old. Some men were granted a family deferment, Carl did not receive one. Carl said, ‘If everyone received a deferment, the war will be over here.’

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BCHS basketball senior boys carry high academic records

Local basketball fans definitely know that the Braxton County High boys’ basketball team has performed exceptionally well this season and currently carries a 17-3 record. However, few of those fans may be aware that the seniors on this team carry bragging rights to something which may well prove even more important to them after high school. These five seniors—Seth Arnold, Cole Browning, Heath Cottrill, Payton Lockard, and Tayton Stout, have an average GPA of more than 4.0. Their individual GPAs range from a 3.8 to 4.875.
In addition to their academic achievements, some of these young men play two or more sports. Most are also involved in other school activities. For example, Arnold was a starter on the football team, and he is a member of the local chapter of the National Honor Society.
A member of both NHS and SADD, Cottrill was the starting quarterback for the Eagles. Stout, who belongs to SADD and NHS, is a three-sport athlete. In addition to basketball, he is a varsity player in both football and baseball. Lockard, also a varsity baseball player, is a member of NHS and SADD.
Not surprisingly, all five plan to attend college, and some will play college sports.

Tuesday blaze destroys
Sutton housing complex

An early morning fire destroyed a major portion of the Flint Apartments in Sutton last Tuesday, February 13. The alarm was sounded at 2:59 a.m. when a tenant of one of the six buildings in the complex detected smoke and called 9-1-1. Upon arrival, firefighters from the Sutton VFD found smoke emitting from the second story of one of the structures.
Due to difficult access created by the roof construction, the blaze soon spread. SVFD were joined by their counterparts from the Gassaway VFD in battling the fire. Two hours into the battle, Sutton Fire Chief John Tinney requested manpower from other Braxton County fire departments to relieve the nineteen volunteers who were on scene. Relief came from Flatwoods, Frametown and Burnsville.
Ultimately, heavy equipment was summoned to remove a portion of the metal roofing to allow access to hot spots. In all firefighters were on scene for nearly five hours before the blaze was completely extinguished.
Chief Tinney stated that the investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing but early indications indicate that it may have been an electrical source of ignition. All occupants escaped without injury.


BCHS Speech team performs well at John Marshall tournament

Competing in the two day John Marshall Speech and Debate Tournament at Marshall University last weekend, the BCHS speech team earned a total of 10 trophies, including first place in Small School Sweepstakes and fourth place overall in sweepstakes. A total of seven schools participated in the tournament.
Senior Robert Boyce earned trophies in three different events. Boyce placed second in Storytelling and, with his partner Siarah Conrad, third in Dramatic Duo. He finished fifth in Prose Interpretation.
Michael Lemon, a junior in his first year of competition, received the Top Novice trophy and placed third in Humorous Interpretation. Junior Jack Boyce earned a third-place trophy in Sales and Troy Stover, a freshman, finished sixth in that event.
Other Braxton team members competing in the tournament and contributing to the sweepstakes trophies were Logan Rose, Sha-lyn Brown, and Karlena Boyce.


Food bank director selected for
Feeding America’s Policy Committee

Mountaineer Food Bank’s Executive Director, J. Chad Morrison, was chosen to join the national Policy Engagement and Advocacy Committee (PEAC) with Feeding America.
The PEAC is the national government relations committee representing 200 food banks across the country on policy issues related to hunger relief and poverty. The committee was formed to create a systematic, consistent and strategic way to engage the country on public policy and advocacy efforts. Morrison joins seven new members from across the country on the PEAC.
“I am excited to join this group of individuals working on issues that really do affect us in West Virginia,” said Morrison. “So many of the issues being worked on in Washington have a great impact on our way of life. In 2018, with the Farm Bill being widely discussed, it’s critical to have the voice of our rural state heard.”





Frametown man charged with
10 counts of forgery

William Cody Lytle, 28 of Frametown, was arrested on February 13 on an outstanding warrant from November 2016. He is now facing ten felony counts of forgery.
According to the criminal report, on August 15, 2016, Braxton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy J.D. Jenkins received a complaint from an individual in Frametown stating his father’s credit card had been stolen and used ten different times at various stores in the Braxton throughout the month of August. The individual informed the officer that he believed his nephew, Lytle, and his girlfriend, were the ones who had used the credit card. They had been staying in the home of the victim at the time.

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