Vol. 44, No. 25

June 19, 2018

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Bakers Run gets reprieve

At least for now, Baker Run Campground seems to have dodged the bullet. Rumors have been rampant for weeks, mostly on social media, regarding the possibility of the US Army Corps of Engineers closing one of the two large campgrounds on Sutton Lake. While many of the rumors were inaccurate the threat did exist. According to Sutton Lake Resource Manager Tanner Peacock-Clark the possibility came about when President Donald Trump told the agency that the Corps would not be funded to the extent they had been in previous years.
Under the threat, the Corps prepared a list of hypothetical cuts, if the budget constraints were enacted. According to local sources, Bakers Run made that list for a number of reasons. Usage of the facility has declined in recent years; accessibility is difficult; extensive cleanup is required after flooding.
“Of course our primary responsibly is flood control,” explains the Recourse Manager. “We must protect the citizens of Braxton County and downstream, but we also want to provide the best possible recreational facility for our visitors. We here at Sutton, do not want to see Bakers Run or any of our facilities close,” he concluded.
If closure does occur, the decision will not be made on the local or district level. According to officials, any decision of that magnitude will be decided in Washington.


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Former GHS graduate issues challenge to
other alums

Attention Gassaway High School alumni!! Craig Gerwig, graduate of the GHS Class of 1948, has issued a challenge to all other alumni. Gerwig will match donations, up to $100,000, to the GHS Scholarship Fund through September 2018.
Currently a resident of Texas, this generous individual, who prefers no publicity, explained why he has issued this challenge. “I think education is very important,” he said, “and I want to help the kids in the (Braxton County) area.” Gerwig is a graduate of West Virginia University and had a career with Massey-Ferguson Corporation.
The Gassaway High School Scholarship Fund is actually relatively new. Hazel Beall initiated it in 1999 with a $2,000-donation along with a pledge to donate $1,000 annually.. Since that time, 45 high school graduates have received scholarship money, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, from the fund. The most recent recipients were Savannah Payne and Ian Conley, 2018 BCHS graduates.
Scholarships are awarded to “worthy and qualified students who reside in areas originally served by Gassaway High School and who are desirous of pursuing a college education but may not otherwise be able to afford to do so,” according to the scholarship guidelines.

Prince, Rhodes, Long, Nunes head
to prison, others have day in court

Several Braxton County Circuit Court sentencing hearings have recently been completed by the Honorable Judge Richard A. Facemire. In the court hearings on June 5, the state was represented by Braxton County’s Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bryan S. Hinkle and for the hearings on May 3, Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine R.H. Morton represented the state.
On June 5, Mark Allen Prince came before the judge for sentencing on the charge of attempting to commit nighttime burglary. He was represented by Timothy Gentilozzi who requested some type of alternative sentencing for his client. The state stood silent as per the plea agreement. Based on the seriousness of the offense and the likelihood the defendant would engage in further criminal activity, the court denied the motion. Prince was sentencing to one to three years at the state penitentiary.
Emilie Rhodes and her attorney Bernard Mauser appeared before Judge Facemire for a sentencing hearing on the charge of deliver of a controlled substance-alprazolam. Also present was Jacob Foster from the Braxton County Probation Office. The defense requested she be re-admitted to some type of alternative sentencing and the state requested she be sentenced to one to three years but also be permitted to participate in a suitable long term inpatient substance abuse treatment program.


Commission hears concerns
about Bakers Run Campground

It was standing room only at last Friday’s Braxton County Commission meeting. Most in attendance were there concerning rumors of the closing of Bakers Run Campground in the Centralia area of Sutton Lake. David Berry served as spokesperson for the group. He outlined the extensive efforts of volunteers to maintain and clean the facility. He also spoke to the economic benefit it proposed for the area. Representatives of Congress Alex Mooney and Senator Joe Manchin were also on hand to hear the nearly thirty minute discussion.
After hearing the concerns all three Commissioners voiced their support for keeping the facility open. President Ron Facemire read the statement for a staffer of Senator Shelley Moore Capito stating that the Senate and House had passed budgets that fully funded the Corps and there would be no need to close Bakers Run at this time. (That statement in its entirety is contained in a front page story about Bakers Run.)

Board of Education meets at
Davis Elementary School

The Braxton County Board of Education held their most recent meeting at Davis Elementary. President Jill Cooper called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Vice President David Hoover led those in attendance to a non-denominational prayer after the pledge.
The first to speak to the board was Davis Elementary Principal Dr. Tony Minney. He provided the board with folders containing the data from the LSIC meetings over the past school year. His presentation delivered information about what the focus of the LSIC was and what they did. Dr. Minney also gave the board members the growth data for reading and math at Davis during the presentation.
Melissa Duckworth, LSIC Chairperson and fifth grade teacher, told the board about the Veteran’s Day event the school held to honor the counties veterans. The school hopes this program continues and grows.
Next to speak to the board were Rick Simon, Chief Executive Officer for Community Care of WV, and Dr. Kevin Junkins, Child Psychiatrist, with the Community Care Annual Report. Currently, their organization covers nine counties and provides services to over 42,000 patients in central WV.





Board of Education hold meeting at FES

The Braxton County Board of Education conducted their most recent meeting on May 29 at Frametown Elementary School. The meeting was called to order by President Jill Cooper at 6:00 pm which was followed by a non-denominational opening prayer by Vice President Dave Hoover and the Pledge. Other board members present were Van Carr and Shane Brown. Bradley Shingler was absent from the meeting.
The major discussion of the meeting was the budget for the upcoming school year. Ginger Altizer, Director of Finance was on hand to provide an overview of the budget with the board members and answer any questions they or members of the public had. After the discussion, the board approved the 2018-19 school year budget.
Frametown Elementary Principal Linda Sears presented the LSIC presentation to the board. She discussed various events that had taken place over the past school year, the most recent being their first 5K. Teachers Lauri Spencer, Cindy Shuman, and Sue Ann White also spoke to the board about activities in the classroom at the elementary school.

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