Vol. 43, No. 16

April 18, 2017

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Twenty people appear in Braxton
Circuit Court

Braxton County Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Facemire recently completed various court orders for twenty individuals.
On March 28, attorney Clinton Bischoff appeared before Judge Facemire representing Jessica Denise Nicholson. The defendant was not present for her plea hearing; therefore the court ordered a bench warrant for her arrest. The state was represented by Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney William A. McCourt, Jr.
Nathaniel Wood and his attorney, Kevin Hughart, came before the court for a plea hearing. The state was represented by PA McCourt. Both parties announced that a plea agreement had been reached in which the defendant agreed to plead guilty to the felony offense of cultivation of a controlled substance-marijuana. The state agreed to dismiss the remaining charges in the indictment and to remain silent at the sentencing. Judge Facemire moved to delay sentencing for a pre-sentence investigation report to be completed. Sentencing is scheduled for May 11, beginning at 9:15 am.

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4-H/FFA members earn top honors
at WV Beef Expo

Sixteen 4-H and FFA members from Braxton County traveled to the WV Beef Expo to participate in the Stockman’s Contest April 7. They were among a total of 311 seniors and 125 juniors; 69 complete senior teams (4 members) and 24 junior teams that participated in the contest.
Braxton County was represented by seven 4-H members in the junior age division (younger than 14 years old). The Braxton County 4-H junior team of Ellen Collins, Lane Friend, Maggie Meadows, and Julianna Rexroad finished 2nd in the junior competition. Individually in the Junior Division, Ellen Collins finished in 2nd place, Julianna Rexroad was 16th and Lane Friend was 32nd. Other junior participants were Alex Collins, Bradley Meadows, and Samantha Rexroad.
Nine Braxton County 4-H and FFA members participated in the Senior Division (14 to 18 years old).

Pilot employee charged with embezzlement

Justin Patrick Cooper, 35 of Calvin, has been arrested and charged with embezzlement.
He was employed at the Pilot Truck Stop in Flatwoods as a Manager where he allegedly took money from the cash register. West Virginia State Police CPL J.D. Jordan II of the Sutton Detachment was the investigating officer.
According to the incident report, the suspect was working at Pilot from January 11 to February 5. During that time, Cooper would get into the cash register by showing he was taking in winning lottery tickets and then pull the money from the register and put it in his pockets.


Braxton County High School 2017 Top Ten

The wide variety of Quinn Hopen’s interests surely guarantee that she seldom faces boredom. These interests range from the physical—tennis, hiking, and kayaking, through hobbies such as photography to other activities such as reading. Obviously, Hopen is a very busy young woman.
In her first season playing interscholastic tennis, Hopen is one of the top girls on the team. Among her less physical pursuits, she enjoys photographing scenes in nature and likes “to have people model” for her. Her reading interests lie mostly in science fiction and what she terms “the mythological, like Harry Potter,” she said.
At school, Hopen has been quite busy, especially this year.


Melvin Wine Tribute Concert set for April 22

The Landmark Studio for the Arts, Main Street Sutton will again host a traditional music concert honoring Braxton fiddler Melvin Wine and the many traditional musicians who have nurtured and handed down the old tunes. Join some of them on Saturday April 22, at 4:30pm. Donations at the door will provide a small scholarship to a traditional musician.
Melvin Wine was from the Copen area of Braxton County and a well known fiddler. He loved to play and to share his knowledge with other musicians and young people. With the assistance of Gerry Milnes from the Augusta Heritage Center at Davis and Elkins College, more than ten Birthday Concerts were held at the Landmark Studio. They began in order to honor Melvin’s 80th birthday and continued for many years after that.





Mountaineer Food Bank to host logo
design contest

Mountaineer Food Bank, based in Gassaway, needs help coming up with a new visual identity. The nonprofit organization invites state residents to take part in a contest to design a new logo that will symbolize Mountaineer Food Bank and its mission, “To feed West Virginia’s hungry and engage our state in the fight to end hunger.”
The contest begins April 17, and submissions will be accepted until June 1.

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