Vol. 46, No. 11

March 17, 2020

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Desperado! William Holly Griffith and the Killing of a Gassaway Policeman Part II - The Run

The evening of the shooting, as soon as night fell on Gassaway, Holly Griffith left the woods at the edge of town to begin his run. He followed the railroad tracks to Sutton, then along the B&O tracks to Flatwoods where he left the tracks for the road crossing Dyer Hill. From there he hiked to a point on the B&O’s Richwood branch, then up the railroad to Centralia where he planned to catch the morning train for Richwood. After a scuffle with a B&O railroad officer, in which both fell from the moving train, Griffith hit the hill again, emerging at the tracks above Centralia. There, he was able to jump another train, riding back to a point near Holly Junction where he learned that the posse had just passed by within minutes of his arrival. He walked a distance down the tracks where he sat down on a pile of crossties to remove some of the cinders that had accumulated in his shoes.






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County residents to receive absentee ballot application

Braxton County Circuit Clerk Sue Rutherford announced last week that WV Secretary of State has issued guidance and a funding opportunity to assist county clerks with mailing an absentee ballot application to every registered voter in West Virginia. Returning the absentee ballot application, a postcard, is the first step to receiving the official ballot via mail. During the State of Emergency, every registered WV voter is eligible to vote an absentee-by-mail ballot in the May 12 Primary Election. Braxton County residents can expect to see those post cards in their mailboxes the week of April 6.

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Two Lady Eagles earn AA All-State honors
Abraham named captain of 2nd team

The Braxton County High girls’ basketball squad earned two spots among AA All-State honors recently released. The Lady Eagles’ top scorer Jocelyn Abraham was named captain of the AA All-State second team. Peyton Smith, the Lady Eagles’ three-point shooter, received AA All-State honorable mention. Both players broke BCHS girls’ basketball records.

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Several Braxton residents making protective masks

All over our nation, non-professional individuals are displaying willingness and even eagerness to do their part in the current crisis. Several in this county are making protective masks as their contribution.

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Pandemic affects local
businesses as they adjust

While individuals try to protect themselves from contracting the Coronavirus, businesses try to protect themselves from losses suffered from restrictions. Local businesses are currently trying to adapt to these regulations and the results. Several discussed the problems they face and the adjustments they are making.

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Number 7 in 2020 Class
plans nursing career

Autumn White, who ranks seventh in the Braxton County High graduating class of 2020, plans to become a registered nurse. “I’ve grown up always wanting to help other people,” she explained as a reason for her career choice.




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