Vol. 42, No. 14

April 14, 2015

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Historic Gassaway building collapses

On Saturday night, April 6, the roof of what most long-time Gassaway residents know as the Thorne building collapsed, and the building was destroyed. Owner Wayne James of Frametown explained that he feels that the large amount of rain the area has received lately along with the harsh winter weather contributed to the destruction.
“The roof has leaked for years, and we simply didn’t have the money to put a new roof on it,” James said. “The building has been closed for five or six years,” he added. To prevent injury to passersby, James hired a contractor who “pushed [what is left of the building] back 15-20 feet from the sidewalk” until he can have it cleared away.


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Sissy Price named head of Braxton Co. Health Dept.

Sissy Price, RN, who has served as Braxton County Health Nurse since 2006, recently became Braxton County Health Department Director. Price said she will also continue as Braxton County Health Nurse.
The appointment by the Braxton County Board of Health came after the position was advertised and applications were taken from all over West Virginia, Price noted. Braxton’s Board of Health includes five county residents divided among the different districts in the county and Brent Glover, MD.

Melvin Wine Tribute “Old-Time
Music” Concert set for Saturday

If you love old-time music or remember the many years of Melvin Wine Birthday Concerts you will want to be at the Landmark Studio for the Arts on Saturday, April 18 , at 7pm. The evening will be an “open mic” format and musicians wishing to take part will be given a limited amount of stage time. The concert is in memory of Melvin Wine, an Appalachian Fiddler from Braxton County who was honored in 1991 as a NEA National Heritage Fellow at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.























GBC to celebrate “Then & Now”

On Sunday evening, April 26, Gassaway Baptist Church will celebrate not only the first anniversary of worship in their new building but also the church’s past history and present work. Pastor Mark Stump, in choosing the theme, “Then and Now,” indicated that, while he feels that the past of the church is important, the present and the future may be even more important.
“We have so many ministries going on,” Pastor Stump said, “that I sometimes actually need to stop to remember all of them.” They’re all important, the pastor noted, and then said, “The worship ministry is the main ministry, of course.”

Sutton Lake looking for volunteers for “Rake the Lake” on April 25

Volunteers are invited to come to Sutton Lake to take part in the annual “Rake the Lake” event on April 25, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Volunteers will help pick up trash and debris around the lake to spruce it up for the new season of boating and recreation. You’re invited to take your boat to your favorite cove and pick up trash, or drive to your favorite area.
Over eight tons of trash and hundreds of tires have been removed from Sutton Lake during previous events.
Volunteers are encouraged to pre-register, however anyone may register the day of the event at the launch ramp in Bee Run Day Use Area, or in Gerald Freeman or Bakers Run Campground. To register call 304-765-2816 or email SuttonLake@usace.army.mil


Landmark “cooks up” new comedy

OThey will be cooking up a storm at the Landmark Theater on Main Street in Sutton, WV with the opening of The Red Velvet Cake War on April 24, 25 and May 1 and 2nd at 7:30 p.m.
The three Verdeen cousins, Gaynelle, Peaches and Jimmie Wyvette (Becky Conrad, Jeanette Boyce and Wendy Mays) could not have picked a worse time to throw their family reunion. Their outrageous antics in Sweetgum have all the eyes of Texas upon them as their self-righteous Aunt LeMerle (Debra Hamric) is quick to point out. Gaynelle is one frazzled nerve away from a nervous breakdown and Peaches, the No. 1 mortuarial cosmetologist in Texas as well as Jimmie Wyvette, the rough-around-the-edges manager of Whatley’s Western Wear conspire to help Gaynelle prove her sanity to a court-appointed psychologist.



BCHS Top Ten Senior Countdown

Hannah Given, who ranks fifth in the 2015 Braxton County High graduating class, plans to become a radiologist. She based her career choice on two definite occurrences.
“After seeing my x-rays when I found out I had scoliosis and after seeing my cousin’s ultrasound of twin boys, earning a degree in radiology became an obsession,” she said.
Given will attend the University of Charleston to obtain that degree.







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