Vol. 42, No. 38

September 20, 2016

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US Senator Joe Manchin visits
BCHS via Skype

On September 14, a group of Braxton County High School students from 10th through 12th grades had the opportunity to Skype with Senator Joe Manchin.
Justin Ray, from Senator Manchin’s office, contacted, Assistant Principal Jessica Pierson last week to ask to schedule the session with one of the school’s classes.

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Clara Wymer selected CRJ
Employee of the Year

Central Regional Jail Administrator James Shaver recently announced the awarding of the facility’s prestigious Employee of the Year recognition. The 2016 honor has been presented to Clara Wymer. The employee of the year is nominated by their supervisor then selected by the vote of the CRJ staff.
Wymer currently holds the position of Correctional Councilor. However she was a Correctional Officer II during the evaluation period that resulted in the award.
“Clara is a very hard worker. She is professional; has a wonderful work ethic and is very deserving of this special recognition,” says Shaver.

Commission accepts grant for PRO-Officer

One of the actions that highlighted last Friday’s regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission was Sheriff Eddie Williams presenting the Commission with the formal acceptance of another year’s funding for the Prevention Recourse Officer (PRO-Officer) stationed at Braxton County High School. Sheriff Williams told the Commission that it had been one of his objectives to return the PRO Officer to the school system when he was elected and he was pleased that he was able to obtain grant runs to fund the position.
Amber Lunceford a teacher at Sutton Elementary School was first to address the Commissioners once President Ron Facemire called the meeting to order. She told the Commission about her plans to promote and educational distance run she tentatively has named the Harry Potter or Hogwarts 5K.


St Albans man charged in
connection with dating juvenile

On Wednesday, September 14, Braxton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy L. Johnson was assisting a Braxton County DHHR worker on a referral in Sutton.
According to the criminal complaint, the referral was based on information that the mother of a juvenile was allowing her daughter to date the suspect, Matthew Scott Cavallier. Once on scene, the suspect tried to evade the officer by hiding in the woods near the residence on Sycamore Street.


The Landmark Studio opens the 2016-17 season with a Murder
Mystery Dinner fundraiser

The Landmark Studio for the Arts will open its 2016-2017 Season at 6:00 p.m., on Saturday, October 8 with a murder mystery dinner party on the lawn at the residence of Merleen Campbell, located at 100 Curtain Avenue in Sutton.
The evening is set for a reception to celebrate the nuptials of Dillon & Linda Jackson, complete with a four-course dinner, but things begin to go awry early on. Who would choose such a joyous occasion to bump off somebody? Who? You decide and if you’re correct you win a season ticket.





Several Circuit Court orders signed by Judge Facemire

Joshua Wilson with his attorney, Andrew Chattin, appeared before the Honorable Judge Richard A. Facemire on August 8 for sentencing. The state was represented by Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Hamon McLaughlin. The defense moved for alternative sentencing and the state had no objection and recommended probation per the plea agreement. Judge Facemire sentenced Wilson to no less than one year but no more than three years in the state penitentiary for the felony charge of third degree arson. However, the court did grant the motion for probation and Wilson was placed on probation for five years.

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