Vol. 42, No. 11

March 24, 2015

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Commission endorses Sutton building revitalization

Bill Hunt was the first to speak to the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday. The local businessman told of his recent purchase of the Braxton Motor property and his plans to open a motorsports complex. He said that since the building is on the National Register of Historical Places he was eligible to apply for a 50-50 matching Historical Preservation Grant from the Department of Culture and History to replace the roof. Hunt told the Commission that it would be very helpful if they would provide of letter of support for the project. Gary Ellyson made a motion approve the request.


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Mark Clarke named NWTF's Wildlife Manager of the Year

Mark Clarke, wildlife manager on the Elk River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Braxton County, recently was selected by the West Virginia State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) as their 2014 Wildlife Manager of the Year. He was presented the NWTF’s “Making Tracks Award” at their annual awards banquet Jan. 10, 2015, by Chapter President Scott Wilson.

Local Group to Stage Mock Emergency Training Event

The Braxton County Local Emergency Planning Committee will be staging a mock emergency training event for emergency responders in southern Braxton County on Saturday, March 28, 2015.
The scenario will test local agencies’ ability to respond to a transportation accident that involves hazardous materials. The event will contain a simulation of the emergency, to include actors made up like injured persons. Responders will begin at the Frametown park & ride and the Frametown Volunteer Fire Department, then respond to the emergency scene as if it were real.






















Maciak heads to jail,
Lytle receives probation

James Maciak appeared in Braxton County Circuit Court before Judge Richard A. Facemire on the 12th of January for sentencing. Clinton Bishchoff acted as Maciak’s counsel in the matter. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State.
Maciak, in person and by counsel, requested some form of alternative sentencing, but the Court saw the defendant as a poor candidate. Therefore, the Court denied this motion and ordered that Maciak be imprisoned in the state penitentiary for two counts of the felonious offense of Grand Larceny and for one count of Nighttime Burglary. These charges shall run consecutively, leaving the defendant with no less than six and no more than eighty years in the state penitentiary.

BCHS Top Ten Senior Countdown

Her favorite high school memory relates to the band’s performance at the last football game. The teacher who she says influenced her the most is then-band director Allen Heath. From this, one can safely conclude that Sarah Mallory, who ranks tenth in the 2015 Braxton County High graduating class, considers band a very important part of her high school career.
Mallory, the daughter of Jeff and Sharon Mallory of Burnsville, described her favorite memory. “[It] has to be at my very last home football game. The band circled up around the seniors to sing the Alma Mater (tradition). That time we sang it with tears in our eyes because we were full of pride and happiness as a family,” she said.










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