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In this weeks edition:

One of those weeks…
IWe have had one of the type of weeks where the harder you try it seems the further behind you get. A large part of my week was devoted to pursuing one story. It was one of those sensitive issues that most would prefer not to discuss. In addition, law enforcement has not concluded their work and since multiple agencies are involved no one is ready to officially discuss the matter.
We do not knowingly print anything that is not true so verifying information for one of these types of article is very time consuming. The fact of the matter is… sometimes bad things happen and innocent people get a black eye. I was involved with the ambulance squad for a number of years and while it certainly was another world in many ways, it still has many of the good people that made that system such a benefit to our community then and now. It is easy to blame everyone for the actions of a few but it shouldn’t be that way.
Our legal system has numerous check and balances. I believe in law enforcement and letting them do their job. Eventually, one way or the other, there will be full disclosure and the people right to know will prevail. In the mean time I believe it was most prudent to turn the entire matter over to the proper authorities and I comment the Authority Board and County Commission for taking that action. It may be stormy weather but everyone should remember that we have been through worse and we will survive this.

Beware of scams…

We frequently get word of scams here in the office. They have often been the subject of this column. We still get calls and I must say it amazes me how creative thieves can be. They certainly come up with avenues that I would never have imagined. They are brave and bold. They attempt to deceive, intimidate and bully would be victims into parting with their money.
The latest one that has come to our office is someone calling local senior citizens telling them that they are from the Social Security Administration and the person they called is on the verge of losing their Social Security benefits. The person that called our office didn’t fall for the scam. Obviously, at some point they were going to request bank account information to make sure the check was going to the right pace, or some other nonsense. Bottom line is… always error on the side of caution and never give out such information over the phone.

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