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In this weeks edition:

Frustrated with the Mountaineers…
Maybe the title to this column is not totally correct. Actually, I’m not frustrated with the Mountaineer football program as much as I am certain elements of it… one in particular.
I was frustrated like most other WVU fans that planned to watch the game Saturday. It was enough to turn me against the Pirates. I can understand since the ROOT network is based in Pittsburg but that didn’t help me or my group of fans who had assembled about the tv at the lake, anxiously awaiting the kickoff. I guess we were fortunate that it wasn’t the Alabama game or one of that intensity.
My real frustration come with… why don’t someone tell Dana Holgerson that black and white ARE NOT West Virginia colors. Why does he refuse to wear the ole Blue and Gold? He may be a good coach… I haven’t made up my mind yet… but it is a disgrace to see him in black and white on the sidelines and in nearly every interview he does.
As I see it, its an insult to our state and its’ flagship school. This man is making millions of dollars, thanks to this state and WVU. The least he could do is show us the respect to wear our colors as proudly as the team and its fans do. I honestly don’t understand why the school’s administration permits it. He is undoubtedly buying that black and white junk with WVU money. They should be as upset as I am.
For that matter I think everyone in West Virginia should stand up for Blue and Gold. I bet if season ticket holders boycotted the games or ticket purchases the school administration would take notice. Then again, maybe its just me… perhaps others are not as offended as I am with Dana Holgerson thumbing his nose at the state we love.

Concealed weapons permits…

The West Virginia Press Association recently released a study on the increase in concealed carry permits in our State. The number of permits issued annually have more than quadrupled in the past five years. According to that report, county sheriffs’ departments issued 11,160 permits allowing residents to carry concealed handguns in 2009. In 2013, that number jumped to 44,981. A total of 126,514 permits were issued or renewed in the five years period.
The report also said that the increased number of permits has not translated into increased incidents of gun related violence, as gun critics propose.
The county with the largest proportional increase in permits was Upshur, which issued 698 last year. That’s more than six times the number issued in 2009, when only 101 were handed out. Braxton is also at the top of the list with 75 in 2009 to 395 in 2013
Law enforcement officials say they aren’t alarmed by the increase in permits and cite the safety classes and back ground checks necessary to obtain the permit.
When it comes to guns, I’m old school. This nation was founded on the right to bear arms and whether you feel the need to carry a weapon or have one in your home for protection… well that’s your personal choice.
I grew up in a home with guns and hunting. I was taught gun safety from a very early age. I have passed that down to my children and they have carried on the tradition. In my opinion… the more the anti-gun lobby fusses the more profound and determined I become to preserve this freedom. I am convinced that if guns were outlawed… only outlaws would have guns.




Will return soon...


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