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In this weeks edition:

We played hooky…
Yes, Jeanine and I slipped off last Friday for a little R&R. Our destination ultimately was the Mountainfest motorcycle rally in Morgantown. Our good friends Doug and Becky invited us to spend the weekend at their house in Bridgeport which makes the trip to Mylan Park a short one.
As I mentioned previously in this space, we really have not been able to work much riding into our schedule this summer and I was certainly looking forward to it. We set out in a little rain Thursday evening, but it didn’t amount to much. On Friday we checked things out at Mountainfest and Triple S Harley Davidson. Our party met back at Doug and Becky’s for dinner before returning for the evening concert.
Ted Nugent was the featured act. I must admit, that even though he is an old rock and roll performer, his music is not quite to my liking. However he is quite a performer and kept the crowd of 20 to 30 thousand rednecks fully entertained.
On Saturday, Doug took us on some really nice riding through some rural northern West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania country. We road about 150 miles through nine counties and two states. The trip helped quench my riding need. It was truly a great trip.
We wound up back at Mountainfest in the afternoon. The ladies in our party were anxious to hear and see the music group Big and Rich. By the time they took to the stage, the sky had clouded up and it began to sprinkle rain. Doug and I staked out a place under one of the large tents. The band just finished their second song when the skies opened up. All of a sudden 300 or 400 people came rushing into the tent that was already fully occupied. It made for some close quarters for the next 30 minutes or so. Even with the cramped space, everyone was in a good humor and we met several new friends.
When the rain stopped we could see activity on the stage. After more than an hour I noticed a large truck had been moved to the side of the stage and it appeared they were moving equipment into it. We finally decided to head home. About that time some guy came out on stage with a megaphone and explained that the storm had destroyed the power to the stage and the show was going to be moved to the Coal Bucket Saloon at the campground. We didn’t feel the need to make that change so we headed home. We had one car at the venue so all the women opted for the easy way out. Doug and I hit the wet roads. As it turned out the trip wasn’t bad at all and we barely got wet. Even with the rain the weekend turned out to be very enjoyable.
On Sunday, rain was still in the forecast so I decided not to press my luck. My bike is camped out in Doug’s garage until later this week when I am sure the sun will be shinning.
Here is a little side bar to the trip. It was Jeanine and my 41st wedding anniversary… and I forgot it. Now normally someone in my position would be in big, big trouble. Not this time... Jeanine forgot it too. Our good friend Mary Hunt called us on Monday morning to wish us a belated happy anniversary. Dodging those rain drops on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday would have been nothing compared to dodging those bullet if I had been the only one to forget such an important date.





Will return soon...


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