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In this weeks edition:

Early Voting starts this week…
I have recuperated from my vacation. It wasn’t easy and there times I really didn’t want to, but we are back to the normal grind. I managed to catch up on a few chores at home, which were much overdue and that is a good thing.
On the profession front… Early Voting starts tomorrow: Wednesday, April 27th. Past elections have seen a steady increase in the number of registered voters that take advantage of this opportunity to cast their ballot at a time that is convenient to them. I personally believe that the early voting process is the best thing that has happened to our electoral process in the nearly half a decade that I have been monitoring it.
The process has contributed to increased voter turnout, but the numbers are still not sufficient to truly represent a majority opinion. In recent elections we have seen 30+ percent of the voters go to the polls. However, that is still not even a majority of those who are eligible to cast a ballot. Yes, I understand the frustration that often accompanies this process. I too, often get frustrated with the mudslinging and political rhetoric. Like many of you I often can’t wait for it to be over. Unfortunately, I imagine this General Election will be another one of those times, regardless of how the chips fall in the Primary.
Even with the frustration, it is still critically important that each of us go vote. I have heard people say… “What’s the use, my vote doesn’t count anyway.” I simply don’t agree with that train of thought. I honestly believe that we must vote to protect our constitutional right to do so. Yes, we often hear tales of political corruption and election tampering, but if honest people don’t vote, where are the checks and balances? Complacent rationale allows those who work with a corrupt mind, to have an easier time of it. Well I don’t believe in making it easy for anyone to tamper with elections. Plus, I really, really want the majority to make the decisions. We need to see 60, 70 or 80% of the registered voters making the decision of who will run our cities, counties, states and nation. I have always been one that believes in going along with the majority, once the votes are tallied regardless of whether my choices won or lost. I have often found it frustrating to realize after an election that 20% or less of the voting public made the decision. I also feel that we only earn the right to criticize the job of elected officials, if you take the time to cast a ballot. We should all be watchdogs over those we elect to represent us. Unfortunately, officials forgetting who elected them are as common as the poor percentage of voters who turn out to vote each election. I hope that changes this year.
The Early voting polls at the Old Fisher Building beside the Sutton Fire Station and across the street from the Courthouse are Sutton is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. between April 27th and May 7th. In addition they will also be open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during that period, for the voters’ convenience.
Honor our forefathers who fought and died to give us this liberty we call a democracy. Be sure you do you part and go vote!

Will return soon...


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