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In this weeks edition:

Not good for public schools…
I am very concerned with what is going on in Charleston. This week the Republican controlled legislature has continued to steamed roll bills that expand charter schools and provide financial incentives to take children out of our public schools. The supreme court ruled a number of years ago that all children in West Virginia were entitled to an equal education. That mandate is difficult to uphold. This latest move, in my opinion, will make it even more of an obstacle. We are already educating our children on a shoestring. Many counties don’t have excess levies which further hampers the division of public education funds. If we take millions and millions of dollars from our public educational system and give it in many cases to our state’s richest citizens who probably already have their children in private schools; give it to many parents who will not spend it for the intended purpose; create a system that is just begging to be exploited, who will suffer?
With the current situation the public has had little input in this process. Certainly, last year the teachers of our state illustrated that they adamantly opposed charter schools and moving public money to educational vouchers. Our elected leaders have shut them and the rest of our citizens out of the process. I’m not sure who is influencing the legislators, but I do know it’s not the average West Virginia taxpayer or educator.
I certainly hope someone comes to their senses before the education system is bankrupt and out youth’s education is in the trash can.
While I’m at it… and this is not a Republican or Democratic thing, but what is with these “Executive Orders”. I didn’t like them when President Trump did them and I certainly don’t like what I have seen to date from President Biden. It’s a run-a-way locomotive that will destroy democracy. Unless you are living in a dictatorship, one person can’t impose their will on all the people. We have a process, warts and all, that has served our society for generations. We don’t need any one man or woman making those decisions without going through the process. I think we need to do away with executive orders. It seems the only one they help is the one that makes them while lots more suffers.
Does anyone on the state or federal level remember “government by the people, for the people?”

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