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In this weeks edition:

In Charleston…

Jeanine and I went to Charleston Wednesday afternoon. My purpose was to attend a meeting of the WV Press Foundation Board of Directors of which I am a member. We spent the night as Thursday morning was the WVPA’s Legislative Breakfast. I found both very rewarding and a welcome break from the normal work week.
One of the highlights was an update on the WVU’s initiative to attract another generation of owners to WV newspapers. Don Smith told us that the new WVU program had attracted twenty-nine prospective applicants. The interesting part was that not only were the prospective owner/students from our state but across the nation. Obviously, there are others, much younger than me, who think there is a future for our industry. That certainly was a breath of fresh air.
Our evening social allowed us to talk with public officials and newspaper constituents in a relaxed atmosphere. One of the highlights for me was meeting and talking shop with Tammy and Bob Beamer who recently bought the Herald Record in West Union, Doddridge County.
Jeanine was scheduled to go to the breakfast with me, but things changed. Somewhere along the line, Allison and Jeanine talked… the end result was Allison would go the breakfast with me and Jeanine would entertain Kathryn at the hotel. That worked fine for me and I certainly didn’t hear any complaints from Nana.
We sat with our good friend Brent Boggs at the breakfast. We had time to discuss several items on tap at the legislature. I can always depend on Brent for an honest and knowledgeable response to my questions.
The speakers were informative. Most were along party lines and rather predictable. Senator Ron Stollings hit the nail on the head with his response to Senate President Mitch Carmichael’s proposal to do away with the business and inventory tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment. He said it’s a great idea and I agree. He added that he could probably support it as soon as someone came up with a viable plan to replace the $100 million in tax revenue that goes to provide funding for county governments and school systems. Again, I couldn’t agree more.
We had hoped to spend a little time at the Capitol after the breakfast. We opted to get back to Sutton and I’m glad we did. I had plenty to do at the office and at home where Jeanine’s cook stove had died and the new replacement was delivered. Thanks to my brother Marty, we overcame that obstacle… anyone who know me knows I like to eat, so it was very important. We also were able to mark off a few more items on the rather long list here at the office.

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