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Tyo, Straley crowned BCHS Homecoming Royalty

The highlight of last Friday’s home football game was the halftime ceremonies in which the Braxton County High School Homecoming Royalty was announced. Before a near capacity crowd Senior Princess Jessi Tyo was named Queen and her escort Tanner Straley was crowned King.
The 2014 Homecoming Queen Savannah Rose resented flowers to Queen Jessi. Presenting the crowns is was 1986 Homecoming Queen Lisa Dennison-Brady with escort Jim Estep.
Braydan Finley-Schage Whitesel was the flower girl this evening. She is daughter of JD and Dawn Whitesel of Gassaway.
Theron Minney served as crown bearer for the evening. He is the son of BCHS Principal Tony and Kyre-Anna Minney of Glenville.
Queen Jessi of Frametown is the daughter of Billy and Terri Tyo. She is a member of the National Honor Society and works at Dairy Queen. Jessi plans to attend West Virginia University and eventually go on to medical school to become a dermatologist.
King Tanner Straley lives in Gassaway and is the son of Loretta Cress.
Tanner plans to attend West Virginia University and major in Criminal Justice.
Serving as representatives of the freshman class were Princess Raven Friend and Prince Jace Frame along with Princess Chloe Martin and Prince Jeremiah King.
Raven lives in Exchange and is the daughter of Rodney and Angie Friend. Jace lives in Frametown and is the son of Christy Frame. Chloe is from Gassaway and is the daughter of Shannon Martin. Jeremiah lives in Sutton and is the son of Edward and Tracy King.
Sophomore Princeses Hayley Lytle and Beth Ramsey were escorted by Princes Digger Dennison and Jacob Whitney.
Hayley lives in Frametown and is the daughter of Jonathan and Leona Lytle. Digger lives in Gassaway and is the son of Tommy and Shannon Dennison. Beth is from Burnsville. The daughter of Tim and Shannon Ramsey. Beth’s escort, Jacob Whitney lives in Strange Creek. He is the son of Tim and Erica Whitney.
Representing the junior class were Princesses Logan Bragg and Lydia Moran. Logan lives in Burnsville and is the daughter of Gregory and Robin Bragg. Her escort was Spencer Carr the son of Lanty and Carol Carr of Gassaway.
Princess Lydia Moran lives in Duck and is the daughter of Matthew and Jessica Moran.
Lydia’s escort, Phillip Frame is from Little Birch. He is the son of Larry and Sarah Frame.
Senior Princesses included Abigail Carr, escorted by Kenny Payne and Alex Garvin escorted by Price Beane.
Abigail lives in Frametown and is the daughter of Van and Jeanne Carr. Kenny of Exchange and is the son of Kenneth and Danette Payne.
Alex lives in Sutton and is the daughter of David and Maranda Cook. Price lives in Gassaway and is the son of Sterling and Monica Beane.


Commission proclaims October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month

After calling their regular meeting to order last Friday, the Braxton County Commission heard a presentation by Regina Swecker director of the local Domestic Violence Coalition. Swecker requested that the Commission sign a proclamation declaring October Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Braxton County. That request was granted on a motion by Gary Ellyson.
Sam Mace, Braxton Emergency Ambulance Services Director was next to address the Commission. Mace stated that he and the advisory board had planned to purchase a new ambulance in this fiscal year. He said funding had been budged. He added that the unit they planned to replace was getting too expensive and often unreliable to remain in service. “The purchase will reduce our maintenance cost substantially due to the high cost of keeping the vehicle which has very high mileage, on the road,” the Director explained. Mace requested permission to place an advertisement soliciting bids. Permission was granted on a motion introduced by Gary Ellyson.
Later in the meeting Paul Beaty, president of the Braxton County Fire Fighters Association appeared before the Commission as a follow-up to a previous visit. Beaty presented the Commission an itemized list of additional supplies needed for the county Hazardous Materials Trailer. The president explained that the funding would be utilized to purchase additional materials for the trailer as well as a backup supplies. He went on to discuss plans his agency was developing to assist fire departments in billing, if needed, for the use of the materials. “We will have to replace materials used from the trailer to keep it as a valued asset for the fire service. We will not be able to wait indefinitely for the departments that use the supplies to bill and reimburse the Association. We are working to develop a procedure that will be in the best interest of all the fire service agencies in the county,” Beaty explained. The Commission stated that they would place the funding request, in the amount of $2,726 on the meeting of their next agenda.
Beaty also requested that the Commission designate November as Fire Fighter Appreciation Month in Braxton County as they had last year. That request was honored on a motion by George Skidmore.
At the request of the Fiduciary Supervisor, Gary Ellyson made a motion that the Commission convene in executive session to discuss a sensitive matter related to a will. When the Commission reconvened in regular session, approximately 9 minutes later, George Skidmore made a motion to approve the probate appointments as presented.
A lengthy list of applications for correction of erroneous assessments was approved on a motion by Commissioner Ellyson.
It was George Skidmore to introduced action to approve a request from Robert and Dorothy Garcia to consolidate contiguous tracts of land for tax purposes.
The Commission approved a pledge notification for the Premier Bank.
Following a review, the Commission accepted the will of Garl Williams as presented for probate.
The Commission discussed the delay in completing the county financial statement due to state requirements and the rescheduling of the date the legal documents must be published. On a motion by Gary Ellyson, the Commission set a special meeting for October 13 at 9:00 a.m. to consider approval of the final document.
The Commission accepted the will of Audra B. Harper as presented for probate.
After a review, the Commission approved payment of the County, EMS and P-Card invoices as presented. A separate motion approved the minutes of the previous Commission meeting.
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:08 a.m. The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will convene on October 16 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Boy Scouts continue BCMH beautifiction project

In recent years, local Boy Scout Troop #135 led by Dr. Doug Given has worked to keep the grounds of Braxton County Memorial Hospital beautiful. This group of young men have often been the ‘brawn’ behind many of the landscaping projects coordinated by BCMH Medical Transcriptionist, Cathy Sowa.
Some time ago, they had completed the exhausting work of hauling rock and mulching the area located near the front entrance of BCMH. And recently, sounds of shovels digging into the hard, graveled ground were once again heard by administrative staff working inside the hospital’s Learning Resource Center.
These dedicated Boy Scouts were braving the heat, following a long day at school, to help prepare the area to receive transplanted rose bushes. Joined by Dr. Given’s wife, Mary, the troop returned to complete the project a week later.
Special appreciation is extended to Boy Scout Troop #135 for their ongoing efforts in keeping the grounds of Braxton County Memorial Hospital beautiful! Cathy Sowa’s commitment to nurturing the colorful and fragrant flowers surrounding our local, community health-care facility is also greatly appreciated. ‘Flora’ is defined as ‘plant life characteristic of a region, period, or special environment’. The flora which greets patients, visitors and employees outside the entrance to Braxton County Memorial Hospital is reflective of the special caring environment also found within.


BCHS Speech Team does well in Novice Tournament

In what was the first-ever competition for several of its members, the BCHS speech team earned a fifth-place sweepstakes trophy in the WVIFL Novice Tournament held Saturday in Parkersburg. Two members also earned trophies in their events. Junior Maggie Cutlip brought home a fourth-place award in Sales Speaking, and Galadriel Gendreau, a senior, earned fifth place in Broadcasting.
Speech coach Sharon Desper, speaking of her team, said, “This is the biggest team we’ve had in quite a while. They’re really motivated and coachable and excited about competing.”
After explaining that others of the 12 Braxton students who competed had “come really close to earning trophies,” Desper added, “I couldn’t have been more proud of those kids at the Novice Tournament. They worked hard, and we’re all looking forward to the next one.”
Other members of the team who competed Saturday included seniors Emma Steorts and Josiah Bosely. Steorts competed in Broadcasting and Poetry Interpretation, and Bosely competed in Broadcasting. Junior Logan Wilson and Gendreau also competed in Poetry Interpretation. Juniors Seth Shingler, Samantha Minney, and Sydney Ransbottom, all three first-year team members, competed in Impromptu Speaking.
Robert Boyce, a sophomore, entered Prose Interpretation, and Logan Rose, also a sophomore, entered Declamation. Another sophomore, Noah Hamrick, competed in Prose.
Freshman Jack Boyce was Braxton’s other entry in Prose.


West Virginia open to hunters with disabilities

Physically-challenged hunters possessing a Class Q/QQ hunting permit may hunt on designated roads throughout the Monongahela National Forest, portions of the National Forest in West Virginia and on selected wildlife management areas, according to Paul Johansen, chief of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Resources Section.
“The designation of these Class Q/QQ roads on national forest lands in West Virginia is a cooperative effort between the U.S. Forest Service and the DNR,” Johansen said. “This highly successful program provides hunting access for physically-challenged sportsmen and women. For the past 20 years, these areas have been well received by hunters.”
To participate in this program, hunters must possess either a Class Q (resident) or Class QQ (nonresident) permit issued by the DNR. Applications for these permits may be obtained at any DNR office or hunting and fishing license agent. In addition to the Class Q/QQ hunting permit, both resident and nonresident hunters must possess all applicable hunting licenses and stamps.
Hunters with a Class Q/QQ permit must apply in person at the appropriate national forest district office or DNR district office and receive a letter of authorization. This documentation must be in the hunter’s possession while hunting.
The Class Q/QQ permit holders may be accompanied by no more than one assistant, at least 16 years of age, when hunting within a designated area. The assistant cannot hunt while accompanying the permit holder.
Authorized hunters will have access to specific gates via a special lock. While behind the gate, hunters must observe all national forest and/or state wildlife management area regulations and all state hunting regulations.
In addition to the special access areas, Class Q/QQ permit holders may participate in special Class Q/QQ antlerless deer hunts Oct. 17 and Dec. 26 and 28. This special split, antlerless deer season will be held on private land in all counties having a firearms deer hunting season and on all public lands within these counties. The bag limit of one antlerless deer per day will not count toward the hunter’s annual deer season bag limit.
For more information concerning access to national forest or wildlife management area Class Q/QQ roads, contact the U.S. Forest Service (304-636-1800) or DNR (304-637-0245). Information is also available on the DNR’s website (www.wvdnr.gov).
Class Q/QQ roads available: Locally: State Wildlife Management Areas with Available Roads: , Burnsville Lake, Elk River, and Stonewall Jackson Lake.


Citizens’ News to host “Spooky Story Contest”

This year for the Halloween season the Citizens’ News is hosting a contest open to all readers. To enter all that is required is for applicants to submit a scary story, such as a tale about a ghost, undead creature, or ghoul, of no more than 1500 words to the newspaper office.
Readers who submit a story will receive a free 12 month in county subscription to The Citizens’ News. All stories will be read by the staff and voted upon prior to Halloween. The top three winners will be published in our October 27 edition, along with a photo of the author.
The first place winner will receive a $50 cash prize. The second place winner will win $25. The third place winner will win $15.
The stories must represent a substantial effort to create a tale or describe a family or community legend. Two sentence tales intended to receive a free subscription will be discarded as it is counter-productive to the nature of the contest.
Extra consideration will be given to tales that incorporate Braxton County into the theme. Only original work will be accepted.
To submit a tale of terror please mail all stories to Post Office Box 516. Sutton, WV 26601. Submissions can also be sent electronically via e-mail to editor@bcn-news.com. Please put “Spooky Story Contest” in the subject line of e-mail submissions.
The deadline is October 22, any submissions received after that date will be disqualified from the contest. Please include contact information including mailing address for the subscription as well as a valid phone number so winners can be reached for photo purposes. “Good luck and may the fear be with you!”


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