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Veterans receive Quilts of Valor from
local group

(Lto R) Keith Samples, Mitchell Samples, Ruth Samples and Charles Samples were on hand to receive their Quilts of Valor

Twenty-four veterans attended the September 3rd reunion.

By Shirley Shuman

The Samples family’s 20th reunion on September 3 was the venue for four veterans to receive Quilts of Valor made by the Crazy Quilters’ Quilt Guild. Veterans honored on that day were Keith Samples, Mitchell Samples, Ron Samples, and Charles Samples.
Quilts of Valor are used to recognize the contributions veterans have made in serving their country and contributing to the freedom of all Americans. Quilting groups throughout the state use part of their time to make these quilts. The local Crazy Quilters group meets once monthly at the Pulse Church in Gassaway.
The oldest of the four veterans, Lance Corporal Charles Samples, served from 1960 to 1964 in the United States Marines at Quantico, Virginia, as a printer. Retired after 35 years with Union Carbide, he resides in Duck.
E4 Ronald Samples, who served in the United States Navy from 1965-1969, was assigned to the USS Chicago stationed in San Diego, California. Deployed to Vietnam three different times, he was a diesel mechanic on his ship. He lives in McConnellsville, Ohio, after retiring from Cooper Standard Auto and ITT auto.
Serving in the US Army, Mitchell Samples saw one year of active combat duty in Vietnam. Samples received the Purple Heart for being wounded in combat at Quang Ngai, Vietnam, as well as the Silver Star for valor and the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross.
Retired from the State Department of Labor, he makes his home in Charleston.
E4 Keith Samples is retired from the coal mines and lives in Strange Creek. He served in the US Army from 1971-1973 in the US Army. Stationed in Germany for most of that time, he was a military policeman.
Ruth Anne Samples, a member of the Crazy Quilters Guild, presented the quilts to the four veterans. Samples noted that the four men were highly appreciative of the quilts and considered it an honor to receive them. She pointed out that when the presentation brought out a count of veterans who had attended the reunion, they learned that there were 24 veterans present.
Samples commented on the appreciation shown by the four recipients. “They were so appreciative but we have so much more to appreciate in what they and all other veterans have done for us as Americans,” she pointed out.

Grand Jury to convene October 3, jurors selected

The following citizens have been selected to serve on the upcoming term of the Grand Jury beginning on October 3 at 8:45 am.
Randy Marshall Hitt of Burnsville, Emily Lauren Stewart of Frametown, Shirley C. McMillion of Frametown, Loretta Doris McCumbers of Frametown, Wilma I. Reip of Frametown, James Earle Chapman II of Burnsville, Lou Ann Mazon of Gassaway, Brittany Leann Conner of Little Birch, James Anthony Tingler of Sutton, Ruth Ann Samples of Gassaway, Samuel Lee King of Sutton, Thomas Bertram Aaron of Sutton, Kaitlyn Jeanette Frymier of Rosedale, Sharon Louise Berlo of Burnsville, Samantha Jane Kinder of Heaters, and John Calvin Douglas of Sutton.
Catherine Ann Umanetz of Exchange, April Katherine Garrett of Sutton, William Perry Rodgers, Jr. of Frametown, Charles Michael Richardson of Sutton, Diana Kathleen Davis of Sutton, Michael Todd Davis of Little Birch, Doris Marnellia Rowan of Sutton, James Phillip Singleton of Burnsville, Randall Ray Griggs of Sutton, Donna Viola Nicholson of Gassaway, Daniel Eric McPherson of Burnsville, Michael Dee Smith of Gassaway, Alan Wayne Saunders of Burnsville, Arnold Kevin Lunceford of Flatwoods, Carmen Barker Wendling of Napier, Angela Dawn Morris of Burnsville, Justin Shane Butcher of Frametown, and Sonja Cooper of Gassaway.
Ricky Dale Cutlip of Sutton, Daniel Henry Cool of Flatwoods, Lori Ann Robinson of Sutton, Nicholas Martin Mack of Sutton, Wilbur Tate Windon of Sutton, Iva Belle Ramsey of Gassaway, Charles A. Wilson, Jr. of Gassaway, Paul Arthur Parker, Jr. of Heaters, Linda Joanne Hamrick of Sutton, Macy Kay Singleton of Orlando, Zachary Alan King of Gassaway, Nettie Marie Singleton of Gassaway, Esker Jerrel Morris III of Sutton, Harold Gene Singleton of Burnsville, Charley Fillmore Ball of Strange Creek, Christen Lee Smith of Frametown, Shelba J. Gillespie of Sutton, and Matthew Allen Byerly of Sutton.
Brittney Jayde Wilson of Gassaway, Scott Lee Bass of Duck, James W. Carpenter of Gassaway, Kimberly Jean Johnson of Frametown, Ronald Lee Easterling of Gassaway, Philip Thomas McKown of Frametown, Howard Dale Bennett of Exchange, Velvet Dawn Arnold of Burnsville, Brian Keith Clark of Gassaway, Steven Leroy Knight of Flatwoods, Marvin J. Robinson of Gassaway, Andrea Rose Paletti of Gassaway, Cecil Wayne Loyd of Duck, Dewayne Michael Hamrick of Gassaway, Donald James Lockard of Sutton, Brian Scott Jamison of Copen, Ramona Laureen Hosey of Sutton, and Marvin Franklin Singleton of Burnsville.
Darius Ivan Phillips of Exchange, Sharon Ann Hoover of Little Birch, Mary Ellen Anderson of Gassaway, Virginia Carol Jarvis, and Matthew Stephen Summers of Gassaway.


LDS donates truckload of commodities to Food Bank

On Saturday morning, September 9, a semi-truck containing 20,000 pounds of food commodities worth $22,000 pulled up to the loading dock at the Mountaineer Food Bank in Gassaway. Supporting the Day-To-Serve and to help alleviate hunger in the state, the commodities were contributed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Waylon Bryant, from Volunteer WV, Jeffrey Skousen, member of the church and Chad Morrison, Director of the Mountaineer Food Bank, were on hand with others to meet the delivery truck.
“This is the sixth year that the Latter-day Saints have donated 20,000 pounds of food to our Food Bank,” stated Chad Morrison. “The delivery always comes at a time when it is needed, and particularly right now with so many people affected by floods that devastated parts of West Virginia this past summer.” He also mentioned that the food is of excellent quality and contains products that are difficult to get.
“It is our privilege to donate this food,” said Jeff Skousen, a representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who was also present. “As a church, we endeavor to follow Jesus Christ’s admonition to feed the hungry and serve our fellowman and this is one way we can help,” he said. Church members fast one day each month and donate the money they would have used to purchase food to the Church’s humanitarian program. He mentioned the Church has an extensive network of farms, food processing plants, and storehouses throughout the world to provide food and clothing for those in need.
Day To Serve is a regional initiative across West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, where faith-based organizations, community groups, civic organizations and Mid-Atlantic citizens join forces to collect food and stock the shelves of food banks, soup kitchens, shelters and other facilities that feed the hungry. The groups also donate service to hospitals, care centers, and schools, as well as clean up highways, plant trees, repair local playgrounds, and improve community resources. For a list of projects scheduled for this area, please visit the website http://daytoserve.org.

Two Sutton men arrested after controlled drug buy

On September 4, West Virginia State Police CPL P.A. Huff and Sutton Police Department Chief A.L. James used a confidential informant to complete a drug buy.
Chief James had received information from the informant that he was able to get Roxicodone pills from Joseph Wayne Keener, 26 of Sutton, for $60 per pill. The officer provided him with marked currency to make the purchase. The controlled buy took place in the parking lot at the old bread store and was witnessed by Chief James. Keener met with a third party, later identified as Ronald Lee Haggerty, where he purchased the pill using the marked money and then delivered it to the confidential informant. Keener was arrested and transported to the Central Regional Jail for processing.
During his recorded interview, Keener confessed to purchasing the pill from Haggerty, 49, and that he was just the middle man for this particular transaction. He also admitted to purchasing the pills from the suspect on numerous occasions at his residence in Sutton.
Both individuals were arraigned by Braxton County Magistrate David Singleton. Keener was charged with delivery of a controlled substance and his bond was set at $15,000 cash only. Haggerty has been charged with conspiracy and delivery of controlled substance. Magistrate Singleton set his bond at $25,000 cash only.

Sobriety Checkpoint planned for
September 21

The West Virginia State Police-Sutton Detachment in conjunction with the Commission of Drunk Driving Prevention will be conducting a Sobriety Checkpoint on Thursday, September 21, 2017. The purpose of the checkpoint is to prevent and deter impaired driving. The Sobriety Checkpoint will be located in Braxton County on Rt. 4 near Flatwoods, in front of the Braxton County High School. The Sobriety Checkpoint may be moved to an alternate location if the primary location becomes unsafe due to traffic congestion or if a hazardous or otherwise unsafe situation arises.
The Sobriety Checkpoint will begin at 6:00 pm and conclude at 12:00 am (midnight) on Thursday, September 21, 2017.
Motorists who wish to avoid the Sobriety Checkpoint may take an alternate route of travel.

Mountaineer Food Bank installs
emergency generator

Mountaineer Food Bank, a nonprofit organization in Gassaway, WV, held a ribbon cutting ceremony August 23 to celebrate the installation of a new 150K Natural Gas Generac Generator capable of keeping the 20,000 square-foot facility operational during an extended power outage.
The new equipment and installation was made possible thanks to financial donations from The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Antero Resources, City National Bank, the Bernard McDonough Foundation, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the Sisters Health Foundation, and the Big Lots Foundation. Representative from many of these organizations attended the ribbon cutting.
Mountaineer Food Bank Executive Director Chad Morrison explained the significance of the new equipment. “Mountaineer Food Bank is the largest emergency food distributor in West Virginia,” he said. “This backup generator can provide enough electricity to keep important equipment running during a power outage so we can keep operating, and feeding people, in an emergency situation.”
The project began through the efforts of WV VOAD, local foundations and community organizations after the 2012 derecho. The Food and Medicine Committee developed and implemented a plan to place generators in areas with frequent power outages and significance throughout the state.
Last year, Mountaineer Food Bank provided 13.7 million pounds of food to 400+ feeding programs in 48 counties in West Virginia. Feeding programs include pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, day care centers, school pantries, school backpack programs and senior and veteran distribution programs.


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