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WVU President Gee visits with local HSTA students
Braxton stop makes 40 for Gee

By Shirley Shuman
West Virginia University president Gordon Gee visited with HSTA students from Braxton and Webster Counties last Wednesday. The meeting, which marked his third such event of the day, took place in the Braxton County Board of Education room at the Board office and featured almost as many adults as students.
In his typical manner, Dr.Gee greeted each person individually and introduced himself before the meeting began. Dr.Cathy Morton, the State Director of HSTA, started the actual meeting by providing information about the beginning of HSTA and its purposes. Morton introduced Dr. Gee, who talked briefly about WVU.
The WVU president also discussed his visits throughout the state and explained that he wants “to make education available to all” and to dispense with the “ivory tower” concept.
After speaking a few minutes, he declared that it was time for everyone to mingle, and that is what he and those traveling with him did.
Gee had brought with him several WVU students, including the president of student affairs, and they spoke with individual students and answered any questions which they might have had. One student even remarked later that the young man with whom he had talked provided him with information on attaining admission to an Ivy League school. “He was very helpful,” the Braxton student said.
In an interview following the session, Dr. Gee noted that the visit with the Braxton students marked his fortieth this summer and said he plans to continue until the fall session begins.
His purpose, he declared, is to let everyone know “the University belongs to every individual” and said, “The best way for me to serve is to listen to the people and tell our stories.”
The visits to the 40 counties “have taken place in different settings,” Gee commented, adding “Places differ. In Parkersburg, we stopped at Hall’s Chocolate Factory.” Here he emphasized that the meetings “aren’t always just with students” but they all do feature “people to people interaction.” That definitely proved true during his Braxton visit.
Dr.Gee also explained why the WVU students accompanied him. “We brought some students today because they bring energy and purpose {to the sessions]. This helps the visits to be more successful.”
Perhaps showing the success of this particular visit are comments made by two of the students who were there. Sierra King, a Webster County High HSTA member, said she felt it “was worthwhile learning more about WVU.” She added, “I want to be a vet and will probably go to WVU. I got to talk to some of the university students today, and that helped.”
A Braxton County High HSTA member, Lydia Moran, agreed that the session was valuable. “I met people representing WVU and [therefore] learned more about it,” Moran said. “They encouraged us students to go to college,” she added. Moran plans to become an anesthesiologist.
Also present at the gathering were Jill Lemon, one of the HSTA advisors at BCHS, and Lori Cook, a Webster County High HSTA advisor. Other HSTA officials in attendance were Merge McMillion, a Community Research Associate; Debbie Carpenter, the Field Site Coordinator for Braxton and Webster; and Kay Carpenter, president of the Braxton-Webster Local Governing Board.


Buffalo runner repeats as
winner of “That Dam Race”

Setting a new course record by breaking his 2014 record of 18:14.4, Hayden Harrison finished first overall in That Dam Race with a time of 18:13.8 last Saturday. Placing second overall was Seth Backus, who finished at 19:24.5. Keefe Kiser, in third place, ran the course in 21:13.7. Harrison runs cross country and track at Buffalo High School. A local athlete, Backus runs cross country for Braxton County High.

Logan Frame, another Braxton runner, took first place overall among the female runners. Frame, who ran for BCHS and who will run cross country at Fairmont State this fall, finished at 23:44.4. A former BCHS runner, Kirsten Gateless, finished second overall among female runners. Gateless, a member of the Davis and Elkins cross country team, had a time of 27:25.4. Placing third was Lois Gillenwater at 27:25.4.

Other local residents who finished among the top three in their classes included Allen Shaver of Flatwoods with a second-place finish among males 31-40. Chris Garrett of Gassaway finished third in the same division. Richard Accord of Sutton placed first among males over 60 while eight-year old Teagan Huff, also of Sutton, finished first in the 0-12 class. Among the walkers, Alex Wine placed first and his mother, Anne Wine, finished second. Anne Wine is a former Braxton resident.
Race director Burton Spaur reported 71 participants in this year’s event. Spaur asked to thank the Braxton CVB, the town of Sutton, the Army Corps of Engineers, Braxton EMT, and the Braxton County Sheriff’s department for their support. “I also want to thank BCHS track coaches Jarren Morlan and Justin Whitford for their help. The race would not have been possible without everyone’s hard work and dedication.”

Café Cimino is kick off site
for WV Restaurant Week and
101 Unique Places to Dine

By Fernando Rodriguez
Café Cimino Country Inn was one of the sites chosen to kick off the recently proclaimed by Governor Tomblin West Virginia Restaurant Week, July 13-19, and the 2015 101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia Guide. This is Café Cimino Country Inn’s fifth appearance in the guide, every year since it opened. Chef Tim Urbanic, co-owner Melody Urbanic, and staff members Shawn Johnston and Jill Sligar presented invited members of the media, members of the West Virginia Division of Tourism with a fantastic selection of Chef Tim’s mouth-watering dishes. Café Cimino’s featured dish for Restaurant Week—Cimino Wild Mushrooms Ragú over Chef Tim’s family recipe Potato Gnocchi, Cimino Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, and Cimino’s Wood Oven Baked Bread with Olive Oil and Olive oil dip.
The 101 Unique Places to Dine features locally owned and operated restaurants throughout the state as selected by popular vote. “We have guests visit our restaurant that aim to eat at all 101 locations,” says Melody Urbanic, co-owner of Café Cimino Country Inn, “they ask Chef Tim to sign the space next to the listing in the guide.
For a complete listing of West Virginia experiences, get a free WV travel guide, and lots of things to do in West Virginia please visit www.gotoWV.com.

Chef Tim Urbanic, Melody Urbanic, Shawn Johnston, and Jill Sligar of Cafe Cimino Country Inn and the table of Chef Tim’s delicious offerings.


County Pre-K/Head Start
screening schedule released

The Braxton County school system has scheduled the screening day for all children entering school as three-year olds and four year olds and new kindergarten enrollees. Participation in this screening is mandatory for school enrollment. No enrollments will be held at the school. All enrollments will be at the Braxton County Board of Education Office located at 98 Carter Braxton Drive, Sutton WV. This office is located beside Braxton County Middle School. Please allow at least two hours to complete all paperwork and screenings.
All screenings and paper work necessary for school entry will be completed on this day. Children will be screened in the areas of hearing, vision, and speech and development. The hearing screening will consist of pure tone measurements. The child will listen to three pitches in each ear at the level of conversational speech. During middle ear testing, a soft, small rubber cuff is attached to a measuring instrument and placed in the outer ear canal. Mild air pressure and a tone is applied to the ear to measure the movement of the ear drum. The vision screening will be done with an instaline machine which tests for visual muscle balance and far sightedness. Articulation and language tests will be administered by a speech therapist. A developmental screening will be administered by the preschool professional.
This year the Pre K/Head Start students will be attending school four days (Monday through Thursday) per week. Fridays will be available for teachers to make home visits and plan with other school staff. The program for 3 year students is a Head Start home based. This means that the teacher will visit each student/family weekly and socializations will be scheduled a minimum of twice monthly.
Please call your child’s school and schedule an appointment for his/her screening. Staff should be in most schools by August 3.
The Braxton County Health Department will be conducting immunization clinics from 9:00 – 10:30 am on August 12. Those who have never been to the Braxton County Health Department for immunizations must provide the Health Department with a copy of your child’s immunization records at least one day prior to the date of the clinic. Anyone having questions should call Sissy Price at the Health Department (304-765-2851).
Questions pertaining to the screening should be addressed to Morna Greene at the Braxton County Board of Education Office, 765-7101, Ext 473.


Several have day in Circuit Court

On July 13, William Lanham made an appearance in Braxton County Circuit Court regarding a motion to reconsider hearing order. The Honorable Richard A. Facemire presided. David Karickhoff acted as counsel in the matter while Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State.
Lanham’s counsel addressed the Court and requested they reconsider the defendant’s sentence. It was noted that Lanham had previously been convicted of the felonious offense of Operating or Attempting to Operate a Clandestine Drug Laboratory. After mature consideration the defendant’s motion was denied.
Derrick Fulks came before the Court on July 13 for a motion to reconsider his sentence. The State of West Virginia was represented by Kelly Hamon McLaughlin while David Karickhoff acted as counsel for Fulks
The defendant’s counsel requested the Court reconsider Fulks’ sentence. The Court noted that he had previously been convicted of the felonious offense of Delivery of a Controlled Substance, to-wit: Hydrocodone. Judge Facemire stated that he found Fulk’s history troubling. The Court took the defendant’s motion under advisement and informed the parties they would issue a written opinion. It was further ordered that a Probation Officer investigate the defendant’s behavior thus far while he has been incarcerated.
John Ryan Richardson appeared in Circuit Court for the purpose of a plea hearing order on April 27. Timothy Gentilozzi acted as Richardson’s counsel in the matter and Prosecuting Attorney McLauglin represented the State.
The defendant plead guilty to the felonious offenses of Breaking and Entering of a Building other that a Dwelling, Destruction of Property, Unlawful Taking of a Vehicle, and the included misdemeanor offense of Grand Larceny. Therefore, the Court found Richardson guilty of these acts and it was further ordered that he appear before the Court at a later date for sentencing.
On June 2 Edward K. Marks appeared in Circuit Court for the purpose of a probation revocation order. David Karickhoff acted as counsel in the matter, while Vickie Britner stood in on behalf of the Braxton County Probation Office and Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State.
Marks admitted to the allegations in the petition to provoke probation. After consideration the Court ordered that the probation granted is revoked. It was further ordered that upon his conviction of Possession of a Controlled Substance with the Intent to Deliver, to-wit: Marijuana, Marks would be sentenced to the State Penitentiary.
On June 23, John Sandy made an appearance in Court for the purpose of an arraignmen. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State and David Karickhoff acted as counsel.
Sandy entered a plea of “not guilty” to the 6 counts in the Indictment. These including, 2 counts of Conspiracy, 1 count of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance, 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1 count of Operating or Attempting to Operate a Clandestine Drug Laboratory, and 1 count of Possession of Pseudoephedrine. The Court ordered that a trial in the matter be set on the 18th of August and further ordered that the pre-trial hearing be held on the 10th of August.
Paul Pritt made appearances in Circuit Court on the 23rd of June for a plea hearing order. Bernard Mauser acted as Pritt’s counsel in the matter while Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State.
Pritt plead guilty to the felonious offense of Manufacturing a Controlled Substance to-wit: Marijuana. Judge Facemire ruled that the defendant was guilty and the Court on its own motion moved to delay sentencing in the matter for the purpose of having a pre-sentence investigation report completed.
Emilie Rhodes appeared in Court on June 23, for the purpose of a plea hearing order. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State in the matter while Bernard Mauser acted as counsel. Rhodes plead guilty to the felonious offense of Delivery of a Controlled Substance, to-wit: Alprazolam and was found guilty. It was further ordered that the defendant appear before the Court at a later date for sentencing.
Jeremy Chad Kniceley made appearances in Circuit Court on July 2 for a probation revocation hearing. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the State and Bernard Mauser stood in as counsel for David Karickhoff.
Kniceley, in person and through counsel, requested that his hearing be continued to allow the parties’ time to determine the outcome of his charges. The Court granted Kniceley’s motion and ordered the matter be continued to the 14th of September.
On June 9 the State of West Virginia by and through its’ Prosecuting Attorney, along with defendant Darrin Vaughn and Timothy Gentilozzi acted as counsel came before the Court. The State moved to continue the trial in this matter due to investigating officer, Sr. Trooper J. M. Tallman being unavailable to testify while on military leave. Counsel for the defendant had no objection and the Court granted this motion.
Tiffany Davis appeared in Circuit Court on July 9 for the purpose of a plea hearing. Valentina Wheeler acted as counsel and Kelley Hamon McLaughlin represented the State. Davis plead guilty to the felonious offense of Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Regional Jail, therefore, it was ordered that the defendant was indeed guilty of this offense and it was further ordered that she appear before the Court on August 10 for sentencing.




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