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BoE seeks new Superintendent of Schools

On a motion by Bradley Shingler, the Braxton County Board of Education voted 4-1 to post for the position of Superintendent. Shingler, President Jill Cooper, Vice President David Hoover, and DeAnna Whipkey, who seconded the motion, all voted in favor of the posting. Dolores Wright voted against the motion. Current Superintendent David Dilly’s contract runs out in June 2019. The motion allows the board the opportunity to find a replacement before the end of his contract. Before the motion, two individuals had requested to speak to the board on this matter, David Hosey and Shawn Crowe. Hosey was against the renewal of Superintendent Dilly’s contract. Crowe spoke on the opposite side and wished to keep him as Superintendent.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Cooper with the Pledge and Vice President Hoover provided the opening prayer. The board mentioned the recent announcement of Adison Garavaglia who placed second in the state for 9th and 10th grades of the Young Writer’s Contest and Catherine “CJ” Gerwig for her third-place finish for 7th and 8th grades.
Bus operator Marcy Westfall asked to speak to the board in private. The board went into executive session at 6:05 pm and reconvened at 7:12 pm with no action taken.
Director of Finance, Ginger Altizer spoke to the board about the Proposed Levy Rates for the 2019-20 school year and the FY18 Audited Financial Report. The levy rates are based on the formula provided by the State Department of Education and has to be approved in stages. The approval at that meeting was for the Scheduled Proposed Levy Rates. Then the meeting is to stand in recess until April 16 when the board will approve the Levy Order and Rates. Director Altizer gave the board the Audited Financial Report to approve. The report was given a “clean bill of health” and had “no incidence of non-compliance.” The Audited Financial Report was approved.
Next to speak to the board was Director of Facilities Brenda Wells. She discussed the process with facility repairs. She provided the board with a breakdown of the chain of command when it comes to the repairs being reported and informed the board that this is not always being followed. A work request needs to be placed in SchoolDude, a system that provides a paper trail for repairs. After the request is put in, it is assigned to maintenance or outsourced if need be. Parts are ordered or bought and the repair takes place. Then a form is completed, regarding the repair, it is put back in SchoolDude. Sometimes repairs are not being placed in SchoolDude to begin with and that is where part of the problem lies. Repairs are not being reported properly and there is no way to get them completed.
Dr. Leatha Williams presented to the board the revised Policy 1006 Braxton County Schools Wellness Policy with the Shared Table Provision as required by the state. The board released the following statement concerning Policy 1006: “At the March 12, 2019 board meeting, the Braxton County Board of Education voted to place out on public comment the following policies: Revised Policy 1006 Braxton County Schools Wellness Policy with Shared Table Provision
The public comment period lasts until April 12, 2019. All comments are to be in writing. Internet comments may be made to David Dilly, Superintendent at ddilly@.k12.wv.us. A copy of the proposed policy can also be obtained at the same e-mail address or at the Board of Education offices. The policies are on the county website which can be found at http://boe.brax.k12.wv.us.”
The board approved the following consent agenda items: approval of February 16 and March 1 meeting minutes; payment of bills; budget transfers and supplements; transportation requests and reports; and treasurer’s reports.
The following service, professional, and extracurricular personnel items were approved on a single motion: resignation of Connie Rose, cafeteria manager, Little Birch, retirement, Garalea Elswick, substitute teacher, Jacob Wolfe, head baseball coach, BCHS, Ernie Tingler, assistant athletic director, and Jerry Frame, assistant baseball coach, BCHS; determination of employment date for Caleb Shafer, custodian, Burnsville-February 27; employment/reassignment for Amy Gregory, substitute teacher, Jessica Cook, substitute custodian, Carolyn Lewis, substitute custodian, Jerry Frame, head baseball coach, BCHS, James McNemar, assistant track coach, BCHS, and Chris Toler, $1 assistant softball coach, BCMS; request for extension of leave of absence for Karen Harper, cafeteria manager, Flatwoods, extended through the end of March; approval of placement of student teachers from Glenville State College for spring 2019 field experiences for Katy Dean, Brook Spencer, McKenze Yanero, and Alexis Spell; and ratification and extension of employee suspension. Board member Shingler took a moment to recognize Connie Rose on her retirement and all of the years of service at Little Birch Elementary.
The following agenda items were approved on separate motions: fundraisers; retirement incentive for school service personnel who do not qualify for state bonus; and approval of parent volunteers for Sheena White, Teresa Brown, Kara Shinaberry, and Danielle Malcom. Also approved was Policy 2311 Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies, and the Internet. President Cooper noted that the board has been in communication with the state concerning the policy “to make sure the policy is what we are required to do by the state.”
The board moved to table the approval of the Braxton County Head Start Policies and Procedures and the Policy Council Reports. Christina Bailey, Director of Head Start, was unable to make it back from Charleston where she spent the day for a conference before the meeting. Those items will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
Superintendent Dilly informed the board about some upcoming “roundtables” throughout the state for the public to discuss some of the legislation that has been discussed during this past session and will be introduced in the upcoming special legislative session concerning pay raises and the omnibus educationi bill.
This meeting will stand in recess until April 16 at which time it will reconvene to complete the Levy Rates. The next regular meeting will be March 26 at 6:00 pm. As always, members of the Braxton County community are encouraged to attend regular board meetings. Any parent or concerned community member wishing to speak as a delegate or with public concerns may do so by signing in up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


Commission hears from numerous delegations

At their regular monthly meeting last Friday, the Braxton County Commission heard from an array of delegations. They included John Cobb of the Pleasant Hill Waterline Association, Sharon Kesselring, Executive Director for the Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross, Debbie Friend, WVU Extension Agent, Crystal Martin of AFAC, Braxton County Health Nurse Sissy Price, Jason Allen, Assessor Edie Tichner and BC Drug Testing Director Laura Wilson.


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Sutton presents Citizenship Award

Sutton Mayor JL Campbell presented a young community member with a Citizenship Award at their Town Council meeting held on March 14. Mayor Campbell presented Stevie Boggs with the award thanking him for taking the time on a snow day to shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway. The Mayor spoke to those in attendance about all of the negative things we hear about on social media but he wanted to talk about the positives. He stated when he heard about Boggs “getting up off the couch without being told” and going out to help a neighbor in need he felt compelled to recognize the young man. Boggs is the 11 year old son of Steve and Stacey Boggs on Town Hill.



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Summersville man faces sexual assault charges

Justin Keith Foster, 26 of Summersville is facing three felony counts of third degree sexual assault


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Local Pregnancy Center to host
baby clothing giveaway April 2

As a service to mothers of infant children, the Central WV Center for Pregnancy Care, Inc. will be hosting a clothing giveaway Tuesday, April 2 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Gassaway Baptist Church gymnasium.

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Number eight grad Kyler Kniceley to attend WVU

Kyler Kniceley plans to become a pharmacist, and he will pursue that goal at West Virginia University. The son of Kevin and Deanna Kniceley, he explained why he chose pharmacy as a career. “You can make [good] money as a pharmacist, and it seems like a stable job. The market for pharmacists should remain good,” he said. He does plan to remain in West Virginia after he receives his degree.



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