Vol. 40, No. 33

August 19, 2014

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Appalachian Power
donates 40,000 light bulbs to Mountaineer Food Bank

About 10,000 West Virginia families served by Mountaineer Food Bank soon will receive free ENERGY STAR® certified Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs as part of Appalachian Power’s GridSMART energy efficiency initiative. Each four-pack of bulbs can help those facing economic hardships in Appalachian’s service territory reduce energy costs and free up limited resources for other necessities.
“At Appalachian Power, we recognize that electric costs can be difficult for some of our customers to pay,” said Charles Patton, Appalachian Power president and COO. “Installing CFLs is an easy way to help lower energy use. CFLs use about 75 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and can save about $50 or more in electricity costs over the course of a bulb’s lifetime. That’s significant when dollars are tight, and it’s why we are proud to be able to help our customers to control usage in their homes.”


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Gassaway hardware stores have interesting histories

For several years, the town of Gassaway has had two hardware stores; for many of those years they have existed side-by-side. Hart’s Pro Hardware, currently owned by Revalea Lemon, began as a family-owned Western Auto Store. It has changed ownership only once in its existence. Gassaway True Value Hardware, now owned now by Marjie and Randy Foster, has seen more owners.
According to Charleston attorney and former Braxton resident Hazel Straub, her parents, Charles and Bea Straub began what is now Hart’s store as a Western Auto store “about 1949.” The original location, Straub said, “was further up the street, next to what used to be the Maytag store.” Later, the Straubs bought the old A& P building and moved their hardware store to its present site.

Administrators offer positive reports about start of school


With the earliest start of a school year that Braxton County students and educators have ever experienced, it could have been difficult. However, according to the Superintendent of Braxton County Schools and the principals of individual schools, things have actually gone relatively smoothly.
Superintendent David Dilly described the early start as “overall pretty positive,” adding that there had been “a few problems” but indicated that they were being managed. He also mentioned some changes which have been made, including two new positions. The system now has a graduation coach and a data coach. Dilly explained that the graduation coach “will do a lot of what counselors have done in the past helping juniors and seniors prepare for college and the next step in life.” The data coach will analyze data “instead of the teachers having to do it,” and she “will identify weaknesses so everyone can work to get rid of them.”























CVB addresses Commission

Andrew Smith, executive director of the Braxton County Visitors and Convention Bureau (CVB) was first to address the County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday. Smith presented a 2013 financial statement and informed the Commission that his board had contracted with an outside accounting firm and was changing the format of their income and expense statements. He gave the Commission a copy of the new format for the first half of the 2014 calendar year. Several Commissioners asked questions concerning the CVB’s activities and expenditures. “Once we have the opportunity to examine what you have provided, I’m sure we will have additional questions,” said Commission president Terry Frame. Smith was also questioned about his board’s meetings. He stated they did not have to comply with the
State’s Open Meetings Law. The Commission questioned that assumption since they received financial assistance from the County. Later in the meeting Gary Ellyson made a motion that the County request an Ethics Commission opinion.






















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