Vol. 40, No. 29

July 22, 2014

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High school baseball field has new dugouts

When baseball season rolls around next spring and the Eagles return to their field, they will find a definitely welcome addition. Thanks to grant money provided by the Braxton County Commission along with the hard work of Athletic Director Lynn Stalnaker and several men from Gassaway Baptist Church, two new block dugouts stand ready for use.
Stalnaker explained that he “found out about the available money in April” and emphasized the short time he had to manage construction of the structures. “The last game played on the field was June 7,” he said, “and [according to the grant stipulation] the dugouts had to be completed before July 1.” He added, “We finished at 3 p.m. June 30.” He also bought a 12’ by 16’ concession stand with part of the grant money, which, he explained, had been left from funds received to build the fence around the field.


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Gassaway born author still thinks of Coming Home

Multi-award winning author, Cissy Hassell (pen name) recently attended the 50th reunion of the 1964 Gassaway High School graduating class. Several of her classmates were interested in her writing history and the awards she has won.
Maysel Robinson Hassell (writing under Cissy Hassell) was born and raised on a forty-eight acre farm near the small town of Gassaway, the youngest of fifteen children, to parents of his, hers and theirs, a total of 14 siblings. She is the first to say that growing up in the hills of West Virginia taught her a lot about what home and family values really meant. Although, her family was poor, they were rich in the way that really counts. She says she always knew she was loved. And she wanted for nothing. She feels blessed for having the parents she had and the upbringing they gave her.

Sutton Mayor request parking charges around Courthouse

One of the first to address the Braxton County Commission at last Friday’s regular meeting was Sutton Mayor JL Campbell. The city official requested that the county revert back to parallel parking on both Third and Fourth Streets on each side of the Courthouse. Campbell explained that the diagonal parking forced traffic to the far right of the street which was causing excess ware and damage to the brick through-a-fare. Terry Frame made a motion that the matter be table for further discussion.
As chairman of the Braxton County Solid Waste Authority, Campbell requested that the Commission appoint Wilda Skidmore to the board vacancy created by the resignation of Ted Elonis.























Rollyson requests alternative sentencing; Stewart case dismissed

’Renee Rollyson came before Circuit Judge Richard A. Facemire on July 14 for sentencing. She was represented by our attorney David Karickhoff. The State was represented by Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Hamon McLaughlin and Probation Officer Vicki Brittner.
The defendant and her counsel requested alternative sentencing in the matter. The State stood silent regarding the request pursuant to a plea agreement.












Coast to coast charity ride passes through Braxton

On Friday July 11, the Bike4Alz group trekked their way into beautiful downtown Sutton! Upon their arrival Mayor JL Campbell greeted them in front of the courthouse. Arrangements were made for the Town of Sutton to provide lodging, food and entertainment for the group’s short stay. Lodging was provided by Holy Gray Park where the bikers were able to stay a night indoors and get well rested for the next day’s leg of their coast to coast journey. Dinner was provided by the Town of Sutton; prepared and served by the Friday night music group that performs at the Sutton community building every Friday night. The bikers were able to come into town, enjoy a nice meal and listen to some music before heading in for the night.











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