Vol. 41, No.51

February 2, 2016

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Local Kroger supports Mountaineer Food Bank

On Thursday, January 28 Kroger presented Mountaineer Food Bank with nearly $24,000 to be used in the fight against hunger in West Virginia.

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40 place names on Ballots for Primary Elections

With the passing of the filing deadline for offices to be decided in the May Primary Election last Saturday, the stage is now set for the upcoming contest.

Braxton Circuit Court holds forfeiture hearings

Recent Braxton County Circuit Court activities included forfeiture hearing, before the Honorable Richard A. Facemire. On January 13, the State of West Virginia, through Prosecuting Attorney McLaughlin and Trooper J.O. Hensley and Trooper E.D. Schoolcraft on behalf of the West Virginia State Police appeared before the court on two separate forfeiture hearing orders. The defendants, Franciso Javier Torres Rodriguez and Humberto Parra Flores, did not appear nor have attorneys present. In the matter for Rodriguez, the amount of $2607 was forfeited to the state, specifically, 50% to the WVSP and 50% to Braxton County Sheriff’s Department. In the matter for Flores, the amount of $2604 was also forfeited to the state, specifically, 50% to the WVSP and 50% to BCSD. In both cases, proper Order of Publications and Notice of Hearings were provided and the defendants had adequate notice of these hearings.


Peeking behind the kitchen door of Braxton eateries

In an effort to keep our readership informed, the Citizens’ News presents another installment of a continuing series which details the findings of the Braxton County Health Department Sanitarian’s inspections. The BCHD officer is responsible for oversight of over 140 establishments that sell and/or prepare food for public consumption.


Petit jury finds
Patterson not guilty

On Tuesday, January 12, the petit jury for the Braxton County Circuit Court was convened for a case against defendant, David Patterson of Frametown on two felony charges of delivery of a controlled substance-hydrocodone and fleeing from an officer with reckless indifference. The charges stem from incidents occurring in July 2013 and June and July 2014. His indictment by the grand jury came in October 2014.





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