Vol. 41, No. 7

February 24, 2015

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Commission to consider raising
9-1-1 fees

Braxton County 9-1-1 Director Mike Baker was one of the first to appear before the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday, February 6. Baker requested that the Commission raise the 9-1-1 fee charged telephone land lines.
Baker told the Commission that the payroll expenses had increased by $145,761.33 between 2010 and 2014 due to a state mandate that requires two dispatchers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He said that during the same period land telephone lines, which are currently charged a $2.10 per month 9-1-1 fee, have decreased from 5,912 to 5,233 which equates to a $17,107.45 decrease in revenue.


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Local students learn
citizenship in Charleston

Last Friday, local Kroger officials proved that Friday the 13th is not always unlucky. At least the old superstition didn’t hold true for Mountaineer Food Bank. Officials were on hand to present the Food Bank a check for over $15,000.


Braxton Animal Shelter numbers are astonishing

Area residents have little reason to come into contact with the Shelter and its’ staff in less there is a stray dog on their property or they are looking for a new pet. Stray and/or abandoned animals are a problem throughout rural West Virginia and the local area is no exception. The number of dogs that find a new home via the Braxton County Animal Shelter is astonishing.























Premier Bank announces leadership changes

Robert W. Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Bank, had announced changes in leadership within the bank’s First Central Division. Dennis Klingensmith, President of the First Central Division, is retiring, effective March 26. Tim Stout, Vice President and Commercial Lender at Premier Bank, has been promoted to First Central Division President, also effective March 26.

Cassidy Dickens set to release debut album, Ghosts

Cassidy Dickens, a 2012 graduate of Braxton County High School,will be releasing her debut CD, titled “Ghosts”. The album will feature 14 original songs composed, written and arranged by Cassidy. The songs weave together to tell stories of love, loss and life.









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