Vol. 41, No. 3

January 20, 2015

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Magistrate Singleton finds job interesting

In spite of being new on the job and being on call 24/7 on alternate weeks, Magistrate David Singleton calls his current position “very interesting.” The fact that he “deals with people in different situations every day” keeps the interest level up, he explained. Singleton, a manager for Kroger Company for more than 30 years, was elected last November to finish the term of Larry Clifton, who retired. He is glad that he chose to run.
Describing the work, Singleton called it “a very challenging job,” but went on to say, “It can be rewarding if we see people improve their lives.” Seeing people who are involved in crime improve their lives is one of the relatively new magistrate’s goals. “I think the Day Report Center will be a big help,” he said. He explained that, as an alternative to jail confinement, those sentenced to the Center, “have to report to classes, depending upon their offenses.” He feels that this approach may indeed offer help. The Center, located on Main Street, is “up and working now.”


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Small engines are big business for Duck entrepreneur

Growing up in Burnsville, the son of Bill and Gail Ratliff, Billy Ratliff never imagined himself in the small engine repair business in southern Braxton County. But then again, his path to the current venture was anything but straight and narrow.
Not long after graduation from Braxton County High School, Bill married his childhood sweetheart Lisa Cool daughter of Tom and Mary Cool. He then enlisted in the Marine Corp. After a four year tour, he returned home and earned a degree in behavior science at Glenville State College. Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant Bill Ratliff rejoined the Marines to continue a career that has now span 27 years.


Braxton County to host WV 4-H Air Rifle Competition

Braxton County is set to host the annual West Virginia 4-H Air Rifle Competition at the Braxton County Armory on January 31. 139 4-H members from around West Virginia have registered to participate in the event, including 9 youth from Braxton County. The first relay will begin at 8:00 a.m. and the last relay is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. Braxton County 4-H members are scheduled for the 9:30 a.m. and the 11:00 a.m. relays.
Participants will take aim at targets in the prone (laying down), kneeling and standing positions. 20 shots will be taken in each of the positions. Teams of 3 or 4 members will compete for the state championship. The top 3 scores will count for the total team score. Individual awards will also be presented. The high scoring senior team (ages 14-18) will represent West Virginia at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational in Grand Island, NE in June.
The public is invited to attend. Any youth and parents interested in 4-H shooting sports are invited to watch and learn. Concessions will be available from the Braxton County 4-H Leaders with proceeds benefitting Braxton County 4-H Shooting Sports.























“God works in beautiful ways” Area church gets new pews

“It’s a small world, and God works in beautiful ways.” This statement came not from someone famous nor from a pastor; it came, instead, from a man in Pennsylvania whose mission was to find a home for 33 church pews. It was made to a member of a small country church who had, along with other members of the congregation, been searching for new pews for her church. The story, as Lisa Brown told it, began sometime last year. The church is High Knob Church, “a little country church on a hill on Airport Road.”
Brown has a special attachment to her church, not only because of her deep faith, but also because (‘[her] mother and [her] brothers and sisters were raised in it.” Her grandfather, Karl Harris, also helped remodel the church many years ago. The story of the pews began sometime last year when the church superintendent, Allen Cogar, asked the congregation for help finding “new” church pews. Brown explained that the pews in the church at that time were only 12 inches wide, and they were “pretty uncomfortable for the congregation.”
Believing that it was her “duty” to locate pews for the church, she began an Internet search.”For some reason unknown to me, God had laid it on my heart to help find those pews,” Brown said.. However, health problems intervened. In October, she learned that she had breast cancer. Following surgery in November, she was scheduled to begin radiation treatments just before Christmas. At that point, Brown believes, God came to the rescue.

Braxton educator arrested for failure to report crime

On Monday, January 12, Sergeant A. J. Shingler, of the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit, arrested Allen Parker Heath, 31 years of age, from Sutton, for failing to report a sexual assault by a mandated reporter.
This arrest stems from an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a student of Braxton County High School, where Mr. Heath is employed. Sergeant Shingler learned that a student advised Mr. Heath of an alleged sexual assault on Friday, December 5, 2014 by text. Mr. Heath then allowed the student to stay overnight at his residence without the knowledge of her parents.









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